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公  司  C o m p a n y  P r o f i l e  簡  介


We, Yan Sheng Heng Co. Ltd. are an embroidery lace manufacturer and exporter.  The headquarters in Hong Kong and subsidiary office in Panyu - Guangzhou, our embroidery factories located in Guangdong, China and Taiwan.  Specializing in embroidery lace on chemical, mesh, stretch mesh, knitted / woven cotton fabric, nylon sheer, micro-fiber, fashion fabric …etc.  All products such as allover, trimming, motif and collars are suitable for varied customers in lingerie and garment field.  Our experience in producing and selling on embroidery lace has accumulated near to twenty years. In addition, factory have invested a lot of the newest embroidery machines and took all embroidery material to fit in with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for matching with market needs; we also upgrade our resources to train up a team of professional technicians to control each step and each stage in production to ensure the best issue with high quality.  Nowadays, creativity design and high quality becomes the attribute of our embroidery lace products.


We are gathering the belief of creativity and our experience in recent years to innovate some new technical skills in embroidery product, it named [Lace+] which break through and improves the traditional embroidery. The sculpture space and embroidery added with other fashion fabric, velvet and accessories as metal chain, ribbon, leather, rhinestone, plastic fabric… to make the embroidery lace with animate and unique outlook.  We believed that [Lace+] could bring a lot of novelty idea for all designers.  [Lace+] has awarded the Innovative Entrepreneur 2004 Hong Kong & got the patent certificate.

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