International Inc. is a listed company in New York.XcelPlusTM additives were developed by famous Mr. John Bishop in 1975.

The XcelPlusTM additives possess top performance to be widely used in automobile, aviation,  navigation, container shipping, manufacturing and army, etc👍.

XcelPlusTM series products all are made in U.S.A✨.   According to the 3rd generation Permafused Lubrication (PFL) theory to production, the performance of the XcelPlusTM additives is the most advanced.Shell’s Slick 50 and Dupon’s Teflon all came from the XcelPlus.In Hong Kong, the XcelPlus is called X+💎.


🔔The XcelPlus is a registered trademark of the Lubrilon in China, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific Zone.