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The Roots Of Innovation


The New Generation of Air Movers Powerful 

XPOWER air movers produce rated airflow from 1600 CFM to 3800 CFM. Our 800 series model produces the strongest air flow in its category.

✔️Lightweight - Compared to traditional air movers, our basic model weighs only 15 lbs. which allows easy mobility.

✔️Low Noise Level - Our air movers are the quietest in the market.

✔️Rugged - Our air movers can withstand the toughest environment. This is made possible by our integrated housing design and high quality material. Our integrated design enables our air movers to be smaller than the industry average air movers.



強力風速 – XPOWER吹風機及吹乾機製造出由1600 CFM到3800 CFM的風速。我們的800系列風速是市面上同系列的產品當中最為强勁的。

✔️輕盈 – 相比起傳統的吹風機及吹乾機,我們的基本型號只逹15磅,绝對够輕盈,無須再為職安健的問題而煩惱。

✔️静音 – 行機时,XPOWER吹風機及吹乾機的音量是市面上最為優勝的。

✔️堅固耐用 - XPOWER的優質制作材料,保証吹風機及吹乾機在任何環境下都能運作如常。  結合了工商與及家居的設計,绝對比一般工業吹風機為勝。