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The cultural project

Ramayana in ASEAN Cultural Embassy’ is based on a stage model, narrating an event of 10 Southeast Asian ambassadors going through three building structures for ASEAN conferences. The creative design of the three buildings is metaphor of the scenes appeared in the Ramayana story, originated in India and widely spread in Southeast Asia. The model also represents the art and craft of the 10 Southeast Asian nations.
We aim at book publications and exhibitions in galleries and private/ national museums in Hong Kong, ASEAN region and other parts of the world depending on funding and supports from different sectors.


 Currently, the model is 70% completed.What is Ramayana about?The Ramayana is an ancient Sanskrit epic widely circulated in Southeast Asia.It is a story about how the half human half God prince Rama saves his wife being kidnapped by the demon Ravana with the help of the monkey king Hanuman.The story sets the moral standard of relationships and ideal kingship in Southeast Asia.