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Corplink Consultant Co., Ltd.

Promotion materials design & Production


  ⭐ About Corplink


Corplink Consultant Co., Ltd. 

strives to offer integrated marketing and public relations services to the corporate clients.

 We assist them in engineering their marketing and publicity strategy, as well as channeling messages from our clients to the public. 

Our Vision 

- Good business relationship is the answer to good business development, and we nourish good business relationship by our passions and creativity. We do not work for our clients, we treat our clients as working partners and commit to put efforts together in realizing the best value to clients. 

Our Mission 

- Corplink Consultant Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing one-stop solution to our clients and delivering quality marketing and public relations services that addressing customers’ needs. 

Our Philosophy

 - Our uncompromising commitment to quality of service has grounded in our culture and rooted in every heart. We count clients’ satisfaction the only factor for our success, and such a win-win situation is not only a measure of achievement, but also the mutual trust and respect built. 

Our People 

- Corplink Consultant Co., Ltd. has individuals drawn from a wide range of career backgrounds from the media, event organizers, programme producers and other professionals who have proven records with extensive expertise. 

Well-equipped with experience in different business interests, we are ready to serve our clients’ every possible need with our expertise. 

Our Specialty 

- Corplink Consultant Co., Ltd. offer wide variety of marketing and public relations services with expertise in event management and production, marketing communication, as well as financial printing. 

1. Event Management 
.Exhibitions / Road shows 
.Ceremony / On-stage programs 
.Press conferences 
.Seminars / Conferences 
.Corporate functions 

2. Media Relations 
.Public relations Consultancy 
.Media materials production and circulation 
.Media interviews
3. Design and Production 
.Corporate brochures 
.Product leaflets / catalogues 
.Direct mailing materials 
.Advertisements and placements 
.Backdrop and booth designs 
.Premiums and souvenirs 
.Financial Printing