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Ambitious Optics Limited is professional supplier and distributor for a complete line of Fiber Optics Components  for all fiber optic applications including wavelength division multiplexing and sensor applications. Moreover, Ambitious Optics Limited focuses on the development and distribution of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) and Long Period Fiber Grating (LPFG). We offer industrial solutions by providing customized Fiber Grating which reduces uncertainty and maximize performance from our customer systems. Ambitious Optics Limited’s LPG and FBG based products are designed for the application of fiber optic communication and sensing, such as ASE filtering, Notch band filter, GFF for EDFA, static and dynamic pressure, strain, temperature, accelerometer, tilt, and displacement.

Ambitious optics limited is also working in the field of electronics. We have a dedicated, well educated, optimistic team working round the clock to give the desired output at the designated time. We have a specialized department in “Electronics Circuit Design". Ambitious Optics limited designs various types of the electronics circuit for various products like Microcontroller (MCU) Based System / Embedded System, Laser Diode, Superluminescent Diode, and Switching-mode Power Supply, etc. As this is complicated work and this should be done with precision & very accurately. The team we have which design Electronics Circuit is to ensure that the circuit will have no back draws, durable and have good operating time.


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