🔵X+ Liquid Grease

X+ Liquid Grease penetrating external use lubricant which penetrates through extreme rust and corrosion, it also treats the metal surface to reduce friction and wear. Use it to provide for long lasting, smooth operation of any metal mechanism. Benefit: Can use brush or sprayer · Non-toxic · Non-corrosive · Reduces friction · Reduces maintenance 3-4 times · Breaks down rust and corrosion · Saves downtime and cost on replacement parts · Reduces noise · Reduces working temperature · Keeps the metal surface clean ·  Applications:  External use for all metal moving parts ·    


🔴X+ ESC-10 Non-Toxic Degreaser

X+ ESC-10 Non-Toxic Degreaser is a people safe, it is according with the regulations of environmental protection. No special equipment or protection devices are needed when using it. X+ ESC-10 does not require any special precautions for storage. It is non- flammable, non-toxic, non-explosive, non-fuming and non-caustic. It is used on plastics, fabrics, paints, leathers, metals, wood, glass, rubber and ceramics safely. It can be used on anything that is compatible with water. 

🔵X+ E-200 Odor Neutralizer

It is a unique technology for truly stabilizing chlorine dioxide. X+ E-200 eliminates the odors rapidly caused by microorganisms, and does not mask fragrance to cover the odor. It can hold the effect for a long time. It does not contain pollution chemicals and does not harm people, pets or animals. It had been registered with the USDA. X+ E-200 can be used wherever to eliminate odors caused by organic decay, animals, smoke, mildew, chemicals, or just about anything else. It is biodegradable.


🔴X+ Non-Toxic Rust Remover

This is a safer rust remover than other. It can remove rust (iron oxide) without any health lesion or environmental hazards. It possesses top performance as following: Rapidly removes rust from ferrous metal and stainless steel · Non-corrosive · Non-flammable · Non-toxic · Contains no solvents, acids, bases or hazardous ingredients · Safe on soft metals, plastic, rubber, PVC and other surfaces · Requires no special equipment·Inhibits rust from reforming for up to 4 weeks · Biodegradable · Safely & Easy to use·