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  About Us

We believe a clean environment is essential for your business and your home, thus we provide professional cleaning service to keep your business and your family away from dust and dirt.We understand sometimes cleaning can be time-costing and expensive, therefore we only utilize the best chemicals and latest cleaning machines to minimize the time spent on cleaning without compromising the outcome. 

With us, you can have more time spend with your family or friends because we do the cleaning for you.Cost wise, we can work out a customized contract for your business to save great $$.  We only charge the price on our price list or an agreed price.

  NO SUPRISES on Prices

We do not only do housekeeping, we are also professional on:

   construction site cleaning

   office cleaning 

♦  end of lease cleaning, and

   commercial kitchen cleaningWe pride ourselves as PROFESSIONAL and CUSTOMER ORIENTED


All our work is guaranteed. Have you ever heard a cleaning service provide warranty? We do!CALL IN TODAY to learn more about us.