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We are a gift & toys manufacturer with factory in Mainland China. We specialized in producing all kinds of gift & toy products. With our own design, tooling and production team, we can provide a “through train” production service to suit your need.


We are now promoting our “CAPSULE STAR” which is a capsule toys vending machine with a simple operation design at a reasonable price. We are developing a series of high quality capsule gifts & toys as well. 


OEM designs are also welcome! We are looking forward to hearing your business plan & cooperating with you soon.

我們是一家玩具禮物廠, 主要事業務是塑膠禮物的製作及生產。
我們位於國內的廠房有完善的機器及生產設備, 並由初部設計到包裝成品都可以代為安排, 絶對可以做到一條龍的生產要求。

我們現正推出一款新設計的扭蛋機『扭蛋之星』, 希望可以把各種高質素的玩具精品, 以合理的價錢, 提供給客戶一個銷售玩具禮品的選擇。
我們亦歡迎任何客人的設計, 請與我們的營業部聯絡 !!