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Dr. Brace
Neck pain, low back pain, wrist pain, knee pain, foot pain - Get Medex Brace.
Mobile Phone Addicts/ Phubbing (Cervical spondylosis),
low back pain (Sciatica), wrist pain (Carpal Tunnel
Syndrome), knee (OA Knee), foot pain (Ankle Sprain),
and rehabilitation after injury, arthritis, pre-operative & post-operative protection...
What do you need?
Need Medex Brace - "Joint Care, injury support, non-medicinal & non-surgical mechanical

Medex is professionally in its design and manufacture of supports, splints, braces, orthosis & devices for Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation in Hong Kong.
Ten clinical applications of Brace
1) Regeneration (Reduction)
2) Immobilization restrict motion (Reduce motion induced pain)
3) Reduce swelling
4) Stabilize the joint
5) Prevent joint stiffness
6) Correct (Deformity)
7) Post-operation care
8) Prophylaxis (Work & Sports)

9) Traction (Neck & Back)
10) Support

Also, we are dedicated to providing OEM/ODM services covering orthopaedic braces, splints, orthotics, sports protective gears, physiotherapy devices, patient care and pain prevention
items. We offer one-stop tailor made service to our global partners from R & D conceptual
stage to final production and committed to offering high-quality products for health care
professionals and people worldwide.

Medex Orthopaedic & Medical Supplies Limited (Head office):

Address: Unit D, 13/F, Block 2, Tai Ping Industrial, Centre, 55 Ting Kok Road, Tai Po, NT

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